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2004 Transit of venus

8 jun. 2004 live transit of venus Valencia, Spain 39║ 29' N O 14'W Observatori Astronˇmic de la Universitat de Valencia

Javier Diez productions succesfully webcasted the complete 2004 transit of venus from Valencia, Spain and from the observatory in Aras de los Olmos.
A video of the event was produced.

Refractor telescope Grubb of 1909 with 6 inch. (156mm) apperture, a focal distance of 2300 at F15,3 with German equatorial mount. Originaly designed for solar spot observing.


H-Alfa telescope; apperture 60 mm, focal length 400mm , F/6.6 and bandwith : <0.7┼

Dawn in Valencia

University of Valencia Chancellor's building

The Grubb telescope since 1909

Observatory in Aras de los Olmos 1.200m

H-Alpha telescope

Juan Conejero & Vicent Peris

CAAT team